About Me


Laura Casanova Design offers full-service interior design services, specializing in residential and commercial interiors. Our clients span from south Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and California. She has completed projects in Houston, Aspen, Newport, Lafayette, Destin, and beyond. Laura values comfortable and functional living in an elegant space. Her detail-oriented approach to projects coupled with her expertise in client relations allows her to assist clients, by simplifying their life and creating a space that exceeds all of their expectations.

Before settling in Las Vegas, Laura served as a design partner for a design firm in Louisiana, where she was born and raised. During that time, she cultivated significant client relationships and a keen understanding in all aspects for commercial and residential design. Laura serves as a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and International Interior Design Association. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, cooking, painting, and spending time with friends and family.


Bachelor Degree in Art and Interior Design

Louisiana State University

Laura attended Louisiana State University, which is where she received her bachelor's degree from the school of Art and Design.


School of Architecture

Paris, France

Attended a prestigious university overseas, where she acquired an education in architecture and design in Paris, France


Early Design Work

Paris, France

In Paris, Laura worked on and completed many architecture and design projects, which has continued to influence her designs and personal style.


Design Work and Portfolio

Las Vegas, Nevada ; Aspen, Colorado ; Newport Beach, California ; Houston, Texas ; Austin, Texas ; White Fish, Montana ; Destin, Florida; Louisiana ; etc.

Laura's extensive portfolio ranges across the states, designing for both commercial and residential assets.



With Laura's extensive background and education in both interior design and architecture, her expertise is exemplified in each project and to every client.


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